An Armada Episode? What the FAQ?

June 26, 2017

An all Armada Special!  Doc and Jake go through the new Armada FAQ, plus Doc picks Jake's brain about competitive play


Episode 6 - Crafting Silver Bullet Series Part 1-Rebels

June 17, 2017

Hey Guys! In this episode we go over the past couple tournaments we've been to including the Jumpmaster banned Charity Tournament.  We Talk about why it's bad to be shady on live streams, and go into the Auzituck Gunship preview.  We finish up with Part 1 of a 3 part series, focusing on rebel list building in the current meta.  Thanks again for listening!



Flight Deck/News-3:45

Crafting Silver Bullets-67:29


Link to twich video -


Episode 5 - Let’s Talk Store Championships

May 31, 2017

Episode 5 is up!  In this episode we discuss the past two store championships we attended, and what we saw in our local meta.  We hit up some listener questions and finally discuss the early store championship meta and how to better prepare for this upcoming season.  Thanks for listening!  Follow us on Facebook at


Intro - 1:00

Store Championships Overview - 3:27

Early season meta discussion - 74:42


Who let these guys pilot a Tardis (The World’s Experience)

May 19, 2017

Intro- 1:00, Blake's worlds (xwing)- 6:57, Jonathan- 77:02, Doc 108:17, loopin chewie 137:03


Hornet Squadron Radio Episode 3- Fuck Jumpmasters or (Stele Open and Celebration Round up)

May 3, 2017




Celebration/invitational- 85:50

Conclusion 123:41


Hornet Squadron Radio Episode 1- Welcome to the Hive

March 31, 2017

Facebook--"Hornet Squadron Radio" Group Page

Twitter- @hornetpodcast


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