Episode 26 - Canadian Invasion

July 9, 2018

[EXPLICIT LANGUAGE][SPOILER WARNING]Welcome Back to the Hive!  On this episode we have our very special guests from Salt Squadron Kyle Thompson, Jim Harnock, Jean Maruis, and Piero Alfonso to sqap stories and have a good 2.0 chat.  We then hop into our review of the Solo movie so spoilers ahead!  As always thanks for listening!



Intro - 0:37




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Twin Iton Sunse

O Canada


Star Wars RPG Episode 2 - The Dancing Jawa

June 10, 2018

[EXPLICIT LANGUAGE]Welcome back to another RPG episode!  This time with better audio!  No spoilers so enjoy!  Thanks as always to all the listeners out there!


Episode 25 - More 2nd Edition Hype with Special Guests Mark Tippett and Ryan Staniszewski

May 25, 2018

Welcome back to the Hive! This episode we invite Uncle Mark Tippett and Ryan on Topski, the Bud Knight, Champion of the People, Defender of the Mat, Slayer of Gold Squad Podcast on to chat about their world's experience.  We then talk about the 2.0 spoilers from the FFG conversion kit unboxing and some alternate formats we've played before 2.0 hits.  Thanks again to all you listeners!



Introductions to Mark and Ryan - 0:37

2.0 Hype - 31:35

Gearing our minds for 2.0 - 1:04:36

Shoutouts - 1:22:10

Post Show[Explicit Language] - 1:46:30



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Twin Ion Sunset

Joe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien!


Star Wars RPG Episode 1 - Awkward Lunch Party

May 13, 2018

[EXPLICIT LANGUAGE]Welcome Back to the Hive!   You all asked for it, so we attempted a thing!  I want to warn everyone now we used 1 microphone for this so the audio quality isn't up to normal standards.  If ya'll want more I will force individual mics for future episodes.  In this episode we record our Star Wars RPG session.  We hope you enjoy and as always thanks for listening!




Episode 24 - Information Overload!

May 4, 2018

Welcome Back to the Hive!  While we had an episode planned FFG decided to drop a brandf new edition on us!  So join us as we try to process everything that's happening.  We quickly go over some Saw's Expansion play testing and the TIE Reaper expansion before hitting the meat of the show which focus on X-Wing's new edition coming out in September!  Travel down the rabbit hole as we try to wrap our heads around everything!  This episode is packed with info and speculation, and even a wrong guess or two! The audio isn't up to usual standards and I want to apologize beforehand, we can all thank Doc later.  Thank you to all the listeners out there!  Enjoy!


Intro - 0:37

Saw's Updates - 2:19

TIE Reaper - 19:22

X-wing 2.0 Discussion - 31:59

2.0 Rebels - 1:22:20

2.0 Imperials - 1:38:44

2.0 Scum - 1:50:20

2.0 Organized Play - 2:04:42

Shoutouts/Plugs - 2:39:24



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Twin Ion Sunset

Imagine Dragons - On Top of the World


Episode 23 - A Judge’s Tale with special guests Chris “Chico” Brown and Brent Wong

April 25, 2018

Welcome back to The Hive!  We has a special episode with two great guests Chris "Chico" Brown and Brent Wong!  We talk about the current rulings and clarifications for the upcoming worlds then Brent discusses Cascade Games judge program.  After that we talk about some helpful tips for getting organized in your local area.  Thanks for listening!


Intro - 0:37

The Current rulings on interactions for worlds - 10:40

Cascade Games Judge Program - 34:35

Judging/TO talk(some helpful tips to get started) - 52:54

Shoutouts/Plugs - 1:22:47



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Imagine Dragons - Warriors


Episode 22 - Hornets Uncensored with Coach

April 14, 2018


Welcome to the Hive!  Ladies and gentlemen we have a very special episode for you!  We are joined by Aaron "Coach" Krull from OCX Radio Podcast for a wee bit of X-wing talk before we dive right into the Star Wars Rebels Series Finale!  Even if you're not a Rebels fan this is one ride you don't want to miss!  Thanks to all you listeners and enjoy!


Introductions(Let's meet Coach) - 0:37

Rebels Season Recap - 17:05

Rebels Finale Talk? - 1:06:30





Twin Ion Sunset

Portugal the Man - Feel It Still

Aaron Krull - Something Something Iowa State


Episode 21 - The Campaign Against Cancer Pre-Show with Berto and Nymz

April 3, 2018

Welcome Back to The Hive!  We finally have Berto and Nymz from Slingpaint Gaming on to discuss random topics as we're leading up to the Campaign Against Cancer Even on April 7th!  We get to know the Slingpaint guys and what Slingpaint is about before discussing various topics so no time stamps this time folks!  Just sit back and enjoy the show!  As always Tthanks for listening!






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"Twin Ion Sunset"

"The Greatest Show" - The Greatest Showman Soundtrack


Episode 20 - Gearing up for Worlds

April 1, 2018

Greetings everyone!  In this episode we discuss a little bit about the Star Wars Rpg before going full tilt into the prep for Worlds!  We discuss ships, upgrades and things to expect starung with scum, then imperials and finally finishing out with the rebel armada we expect to see.  We then look over meta wing and make predictions on what will take home the W.  Thanks to all for listening!



Intro - 0:37

Scum overview - 10:37

Imperial overview - 34:18

Rebel overview - 1:16:45

Meta-Wing Analysis/predictions - 2:01:04

Shoutouts - 2:14:31


Music Credits:

Twin Ion Sunset

Jabba Flow


Episode 19 - The Scum Jankyard with guest Kyle Stoos

March 2, 2018

Welcome back to Hornet Squadron Radio!  This episode we have our very first remote guest Kyle Stoos of OCX Radio!  We sit back and have a good relaxed chat with Kyle before hitting the meat of the episode, the jankyard that is the scum faction and some lists that we've been flying lately.  Maybe even a good idea or two? Thanks to all our listeners out there!  



Intros  - 0:37

Podcaster's draft league - 20:19

Scum Jankyard - 29:46

Passive mods - 57:39

Shout outs - 1:13:51


Music Credits:

Twin Ion Sunset

Ive got a Golden Ticket