Episode 12 - Adventures in X-wing(Gen Con and Nova)

September 13, 2017

The crew are finally back together after trips to Gen Con and Nova!  We go right into the news with the preview of wave 13! The people deserved to know!  After that we travel through the rabbit hole that is our experience at Gen Con and Nova.  We finally get to some content and discuss the top 16 lists at Nova before we announce the winner of our Nymtuckit contest!  We should be back on our regular schedule next week!  Thanks again to all for listening!


Intro - 0:37

News - 1:27

Flight Deck(+the Nova adventue) - 33:00

Top 16 rundown - 1:22:27

Shoutouts/Contest Winner - 1:41:59


Music Credits:


Twin Ion Sunset

Bill Conti - Gonna Fly Now


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