Episode 11 - Some Tournament at GenCon and Interview with THEZACKMATHEWSCAROLINAKRAYTSPODCAST

August 22, 2017

Greetings Hornet Nation!  This week we briefly go over our last store champ for the season, we get ahead of ourselves and talk about the spoiled wave 12 preview from GenCon(if only we would have waited one more day!), we then run through the top 16 at GenCon and finally have an interview with THEZACKMATHEWSCAROLINAKRAYTPODCAST!  Thanks again to all of our listeners!


Intro - 0:36

Flight Deck - 1:49

GenCon News - 7:57

Top 16 breakdown - 29:02


Shoutouts/Plugs - 1:46:30


Music Credits:

Twin Ion Sunset

Stan Bush - You got the Touch


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